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Cacophony was created for the annual Art2Wear show at NC State's College of Design. The film premiered as an introduction to the fashion line of the same name designed by Lauren Vance and Kaitlyn Sulser. Cacophony has gone on to screen all around the world and win many awards including a Pixie Platinum Award and two CINDY's.


The film was created entirely using Maya and After Effects. The sound was also created by combing various tracks from

Story and Animation - Marc Russo

Music - Marc Russo -


Technology sometimes seems to move faster than light. It affords us opportunities to experience life in a new way. But while it opens doors,  it also close them. Are we losing more and we are gaining? Is it possible that tomorrow we won't even remember what we have lost?


When you search long and hard for that one thing, do you ever know what you are really going to find?


Will you be  prepared for what you will find -  inside yourself.


Special Merit Award: Animation. CINDY (Cinema in Industry Award). Fall 2015.

Gold Award: Technical Arts and Craft. CINDY (Cinema in Industry Award). Fall 2015. 

Certificate of Excellence in Animation. 3rd Annual Delhi Film Festival. Delhi, India. Spring 2015.

PIXIE Platinum Award in Animation. The 6th Annual Pixie Platinum Awards - won in the name of NC State


Official Selection:

West End Wine Bar Summer Films, Chapel Hill NC - 2016

SECAC Conference TRAVEL SHORTS A Moving Image Festival, Virginia Tech VA - 2016

IX International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media - Art LINOLEUM, Moscow Russia. Sept 2015. 

4th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, India. Sept 2015. 

University Film and Video Association, Washington DC. Aug 2015.

Omaha Film Festival, Omaha NB. Mar 2015. 

STIFF – Seattle Trans-media independent Film Festival. Aug 2014. 


Process videos can be found on a the following links:



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