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Sheltering Sky is an animated short that was commissioned by The Triangle Wind Ensemble. The animation is set to the song of the same name composed by John Mackey. The project was a collaboration between myself, Kirby Culbertson, and Margo Jordan. It premiered on April 13th 2019 at the Triangle Wind Ensemble's 20th anniversary gala concert. 

Story and Direction - Marc Russo

Music - John Mackey

Character Modeling/Rigging and Animation - Kirby Culbertson

Modeling and Animation - Margo Jordan

20th Anniversary Animation Project

Collabotive Storytelling

The Triangle Wind Ensemble is celebrating its  20th Anniversary Season. While many groups commission compositions for such milestone anniversaries, we decided to take a different approach. We have instead chosen to give ourselves, and the wind band community as a whole, the present of an original Fantasia-like animation specifically created to accompany an already existing piece of wind band music. We hope that this gift will help engage audiences both at its premiere and also across the globe when we make the film available to high school, college, and other community concert bands and wind ensembles.


The animation is available to the wind band community as a whole so that their ensembles and audiences can share in the experience that is this Sheltering Sky Project. K-12 school band programs across the country and world will have access to the film for free. For more information about screening the Sheltering Sky animation during your group's performance, please visit TWE's Sheltering Sky Licensing Information page.


Triangle Wind Band

HCB and Sacramento Symphonic Winds


The hero of the animation, Sebastian, was turned into a plush doll and sold before the premier to raise funds for TWE. The doll was sold out, but if there is enough interest TWE is going to do a second run.

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