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This film was a part of my Masters final project from NC State's College of Design. The project was originally a video installation on four screens. This is a linear cut of the animations used in the installation.

Story and Animation - Marc Russo

Music - Marc Russo


The signs have begun. Silence, the first horsemen, prevents us from communicating with each other. If we do not communicate, we cannot remember our past and learn from our mistakes. Our silence brings the second sign: Decay. The decay of our social order and the material things that represent it. By ignoring the decay of our world, we are ignoring time‚ Nature’s singular tool to warn us of our impending turning point. The next sign will be our voracious Consumption of natural resources as we build around the ruins of our past. As we continue to consume and multiply, we are literally eating and destroying the earth from under our feet. It is impossible to forecast what mutations this will spawn; however, it is my belief that Mother Nature will defend herself, which will ultimately lead to our Death.


Award of Merit in Animation - University Film and Video Association. Chicago, IL. Aug 2012


Official Selection:

West End Wine Bar Summer Films, Chapel Hill NC - 2016

Animacursed - 7th International Festival of Darkness Animation, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2016

Cartoons and Bloody Marys Festival of Animation, Seattle WA - 2017

Gen Con Film Festival. Indianapolis, IN. Nov 2013

Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF). Seattle, WA. May 2012.

Indie Grits Film Festival. Columbia, SC. Apr 2012., an online international film festival. Oct 2011.

One Cloud Fest, an international online film festival. Aug 2011.

Strange Beauty Film Festival. Durham, NC. Feb 2012.

filmSpark, PVD (Public Video Display) Project. Raleigh, NC. Sept 2011.

The Light Factory’s Filmmakers Showcase. Charlotte, NC. June 2012.


Process videos can be found on a the following links:




CAM Raleigh:

Allred Gallery - NC State College of Design:

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